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PROMIX Ltd. Company profile

The "PROMIX" company was born in 1993 in Novosibirsk, the third greatest city of Russia (after Moscow and St. Petersburg), unofficially called here the capital of Siberia and the Far East. The position of the city in the geographical center of Russia makes it the greatest transport center behind the Urals. Air routes, railways and waterways connect Novosibirsk with the most isolated points of Russia. International Airport of Novosibirsk - Tolmachevo services flights from Europe and Asia and has its own customs service.

From its first days the "PROMIX" was supplying various medical and scientific labs with modern equipment and consumables.

Now the company has good experience of sales in Siberia and the Far East. Lately we have begun sales in the European part of Russia and to set a stronger basis we are opening our office in Moscow. The experience collected by years and our resources nowadays make for us possible carrying out full range servicing of clinical biochemistry, immunology, bacteriology labs and a whole series of specialized laboratories (PCR, narcological, etc). This includes supplying, installing, technical support and consulting.

Company sales map

During the last two years the company considerably enlarged the list of the supplied production for medicine having broken through laboratory profile boundaries.

By now (autumn, 2010), our team has grown up to 40 people and most employees have high education in medicine, biology, management and technical sciences.

The counterpoint of our work is taking care of our clients, besides we consider as a client not only the customers, but also our suppliers. We are achieving this by setting higher priority of the long-term cooperation with clients over the short-term interests of the particular deal, training our customers and providing the consulting services on organizing the laboratory research process to the customers.

Now the "PROMIX" company is the exclusive dealer in Russia for the "Riele" firm (Germany), distributor of Beckman Coulter (USA), the regional dealer of "Thermo Sientific" Corp. (USA)., "Behnk Elektronik" (Germany), "BMT" (Czechia), "Analyticon" (Germany), BioMerieux (France), Bio-Rad (USA), Carl Zeiss (Germany) and others.

Click to enlarge From the beginning of this year the "PROMIX" company is keeping good contact with the International Scientific Technical Center (ISTC), which finances a line of conversion programs. Within the frames of this cooperation we succeeded to win several tenders on the supplying the laboratory equipment. The "PROMIX" company regularly offers bids for tenders and not a small number of our offers succeeded.

Supplying the equipment includes installation, technical support and stuff training. The qualification of our technical specialists is confirmed by the high quality work as well as by the certificates of the medical equipment manufacturers.

Taking care of the customers, we support not only the devices of those firms, which are in close handshaking with our company, but also a wide range of other laboratory devices. It's really important in the difficult conditions of technical support on wide territories.

Our company closely cooperates with the GosStandart system of Russia (the state organization supervising metrological characteristics of equipment). The metrological certificates for several laboratory devices, given by our specialists are approved by the state certificates.

We are planning now to extend the range of supplied products, to keep contact and cooperation with our old partners and to build up stable and advantageous for both sides relations with the new ones.